PNR Status

PNR is short name for 'Passenger Name Record'. It is a best ever in the record of IR-CRS compared to journey details for a passenger, or a group of passengers are saved.As we see every train has limited number of seats, sometime one may not get a confirmed reserved ticket. Reservation Status of waiting list (W/L) tickets modifies when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. This new Correct Reservation Status is generally known as PNR Status.

In South Indian Railways, all the particulars of travellers when Ticket is reserved for travelling are kept in database of central Reservation System. These particulars are related with a single ten digit number. This mention number is called PNR and it is printed on the ticket. Passenger's personal information like name, age, gender etc. is kept in the database compared to this reference number. It includes columns to store booking status and current status of the ticket.

How to find PNR Number on Ticket?

The Indian Railways is provided the 10-digit PNR Number, after booking ticket , whether it is paper ticket or e-ticket. The railway department issued by a printed ticket, on the top left-hand corner is the PNR Number. And on online ticket the middle column of the top line is the PNR Number is present. Indian Railway PNR Status is maintained This PNR Number is the record of Passengers.

How to Check PNR Status?

There are three ways are available to check your Passenger Name Record. These are

  • 1. Online via your PC
  • 2. SMS Service
  • 3. Smart phone APP
Online via your PC:

Online to check your IRCTC PNR Status is to submit a request on our website or on official Indian Railways website is the easiest way.

SMS Service:

SMS service is most useful and convenient for the IRCTC Passengers. Use the SMS service by sending an SMS with your PNR Number to 139 or 5676747.

Smart Phone APP:

Use the Mobile App that can be found in the Google Playstore. This app is used to check PNR Status in smartphone and tablets, and this app helpful for checking your Valued IRCTC PNR Status.

Types of Indian Railway Booking


E-ticket stands for an electronic ticket, which means a virtual ticket or digital ticket. Passengers need to book the ticket through online and with this type of ticket, passengers cancancel the ticket through online if he/she wishes, unlike i- ticket.As it is a digital ticket, there is no need to carry a print out of the ticket, but passengers need to carry an ID proof with them.


The term “i-ticket” is referred to a Railway Ticket, which is obtained by a passenger through courier. i-ticket is a paper ticket or physical ticket, where a passenger needs to book the ticket through an online site, 3 days prior to their journey. The ticket will be sent to the ddress by courier as per the information provided by the passenger. If the passenger wishes to cancel the ticket, he/she need visit railway booking counter and should produce the ticket to the booking clerk.

PNR Status and Railway Reservations

The Indian Railway trains have limited number of seats and the tickets may or may not be confirmed reserved ticket. Based on some predefined rules, The Indian Railway allots different types of waitlist quota on tickets when ticket is not confirmed. The status of waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability due to cancellation of reserved seats.

WL and RAC

The terms "RAC" or "WL", it means that your train PNR Status is still not confirmed. the passengers tickets status can be waiting (WL), RAC (a half berth), or confirmed (full berth).

Waiting List (WL):

Waiting List (WL) or General Quota wait list is a type of waiting list in Indian Railway. the status of passenger ticket is marked as Waiting List (WL) followed by a number then the passenger has a waitlisted status. Get confirm only if the passengers who have booked before you for the same journey cancel their ticket.

PNR Status waiting list has very fewer chances to get confirmed during seasons like festivals. Most of the passengers are travelling by Indian Railways. the possibility of getting tickets confirmed based on the current status of tickets as 90% of the cancellations happen between 72 and 36 hours before the arrival of train.

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC):

The Indian Railways sold for travel a type of ticket is Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). RAC ticket will get confirmed by the time of chart preparation. RAC ticket is easier of booking a ticket and securing a seat and getting a confirmed seat.

Here is an example of a Railway Reservation situation. The following order is Tickets are sold by Indian Railways:

  • 1. Available 02
  • 2. Available 01
  • 3. RAC 01
  • 4. RAC 02
  • 5. RAC 03
  • 6. RAC 04
  • 7. WL 01
  • 8. WL 02

Understanding WL number of PNR Status

There are two numbers are on your ticket. The position you joined the waitlist and your current position display of your ticket reservation. The example of Railway Reservation is like WL on the position 5 and before you actually bought the ticket online you already moved to 2nd position (someone due to cancellation or either cans not a final booking). Therefore the first number will stay the same and when you JOINED the queue is identified by the first number. The second number will decrease until you get a ticket (hopefully).

Booking of Railway Reservation is like as:

  • WL 5/WL 2 (this is your starting position)
  • WL 5/WL 1
  • WL 5/RAC 3
  • WL 5/RAC 2
  • WL 5/RAC 1
  • WL 5/CNF
  • WL 5 / WL 2 = ticket is waitlisted, you cannot board the train.
  • WL 5 / RAC 3 = RAC ticket, allowed to board the train, but you may end up on a seat instead of a berth.
  • WL 5 / CNF = your ticket is confirmed; you are board the train and have berth for yourself.

Types of Waiting list Tickets

Waiting list Tickets can be various types. This Waitlist terms can be explained by following.

GNWL (General Waiting List): Who can starts their journey from the originating station of a route or stations close to the originating station passengers tickets are in General Waiting List. GNWL ticket confirmation has the most priority and it has many chances of confirmation.

RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List): This ticket is intermediate stations (between the originating and terminating stations). The most important towns or cities on that particular route have the RLWL. Tickets confirmations will depend on the cancellations of a destination confirmed ticket and it will be given a separate priority. Remote location stations are preparing their own chart before 2-3 hours, the actual departure of train. Confirmation chances for these types of waitlist tickets are very less.

PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List): Several small stations are shared by this list. Therefore the Pooled Quotas is the originating station of a route, and only one Pooled Quota for the entire run. These tickets allotted who can Travel from the originating station to short of the destination station, or from an intermediate station to the terminating station, or between two intermediate stations.

RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List): The booking of a ticket where WL quota is RLWL this list can be providing. This can display named as RLGN after ticket booking RLWL.

RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List): Booking of originating station for journeys up to the road-side station have the allotment of RSWL is when berths or seats. Very less chances of confirmation have this type waiting list.

RQWL (Request Waiting List): If a ticket is to be booked from an intermediate station to another intermediate station. The ticket may go into a Request Waiting List (RQWL ) is the request ticket.

TQWL (Tatkal Waiting List or CKWL): For booking your ticket on tatkal tickets, the waiting list issued used to be CKWL. If tatkal ticket directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status unlike GNWL. During the chart preparation, the general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over tatkal waiting list (TQWL). Therefore less confirmation get tatkal waitlisted tickets.

List of Indian Railways Acronyms and Abbreviations

Code Full Form Category
AC Air-Conditioned Indian Railways
ACC Air-Conditioned coach Indian Railways
ACCC Air-Conditioned Chair Car Indian Railways
ACP Alarm Chain Pulling (!) Indian Railways
ARMV Accident Relief Medical Van Indian Railways
ARTS Advanced Railway Ticketing System Indian Railways
BIO-TOIL 'Biological Toilet' - eco-friendly toilet with bacterial decomposition facility developed by ICF for use on railway coaches. Indian Railways
BPS Blue Parcel Service Indian Railways
CARS Central Accounting and Reporting System (consolidated reports of ARTS ticketing during the day) Indian Railways
CBO City Booking Office Indian Railways
CC Chair Car Indian Railways
CCTV Closed-Circuit TV Indian Railways
CRS Chief Reservations Supervisor officer.(Rail Safety) Indian Railways
CT Control Tower Indian Railways
CTI Central Training Institute Indian Railways
C&W Carriage & Wagon (staff for plumbing, amenities) Indian Railways
CW Carriage Watering facilities (in working timetables) Indian Railways
DF Development Fund Indian Railways
DF Defence Quota Indian Railways
DP Duty Pass Indian Railways
DRM Divisional Railway Manager Indian Railways
DRUCC Divisional (or District) Rail Users Consultative Committee Indian Railways
EQ Emergency Quota Indian Railways
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Indian Railways
FC First Class, also Financial Commissioner, also Freight Corridor Indian Railways
G Goods Indian Railways
GR General Rules (railway regulations and operating procedures) Indian Railways
GRP Government Railway Police Indian Railways
HDR High-Density Route Indian Railways
HO Head Office (a type of quota for tickets) Indian Railways
HP Handicapped Persons quota Indian Railways
HSRL High Speed Rail Line (or Link) Indian Railways
IC Inspection Carriage (Saloon) Indian Railways
ICTT International Container Transshipment Terminal Indian Railways
IRP Indrail Pass Indian Railways
LC Level Crossing Indian Railways
LI Loco Inspector Indian Railways
L/L Local Line Indian Railways
LQ Ladies Quota Indian Railways
LV Last Vehicle Indian Railways
MB Middle Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation) Indian Railways
MCO Military Control Office (coordinates ticketing and accommodation for military personnel at some railway stations) Indian Railways
M/E Mail/Express (on tickets) Indian Railways
NTES National Train Enquiry System (phone-based train/reservation status) Indian Railways
PAR Parcel Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency) Indian Railways
PCV Passenger Coaching Vehicle Indian Railways
PF Platform (sometimes P/F) Indian Railways
PH Parliamentary Quota Indian Railways
PNR Passenger Name Record (Passenger Numeric Record?) (identifying number for ticket) Indian Railways
PQ Pooled Quota Indian Railways
PRS Passenger Reservation System Indian Railways
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation Indian Railways
R Fee, Res Fee Reservation fee (annotation on ticket) Indian Railways
RJQ Return Journey Quota Indian Railways
RR Railway Receipt, Refreshment Room Indian Railways
TC Trailer Car (unpowered car in EMU rake), Ticket Checker / Ticket Collector Indian Railways
TT Timetable Indian Railways
TQ Tatkal Quota Indian Railways
WL, W/L Waiting List; Wait-Listed (ticket issued without confirmed accommodations) (Also as a sign: Whistle on approach to Level crossing!) Indian Railways
2T Two-tier (as in "AC-2T" = airconditioned two-tier coach) Indian Railways
3T Three-tier Indian Railways

Other common abbreviations

Code Full Form Category
Exp. Express Indian Railways
Sf. Super Fast Indian Railways
Jn. Junction (in station names) Indian Railways
Pass., Pgr. Passenger (train) Indian Railways
Raj Rajdhani Express Indian Railways
Cant., Cantt. Cantonment (in station names) Indian Railways
Tr. Ckt. Track Circuit Indian Railways

Journey Classes in Indian Railways

Code Full Form Category
1A First class Air-conditioned (also Executive Class) Indian Railways
2A Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper Indian Railways
FC First Class Indian Railways
3A Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper Indian Railways
CC Air-conditioned chair car Indian Railways
SL Sleeper class Indian Railways
2S Second-class Sitting Indian Railways

Ticket Quotas

Code Full Form Category
GN General Indian Railways
LD Ladies Indian Railways
HO High Official / Headquarters Indian Railways
DF Defence Indian Railways
RC (RAC) Reservation against Cancellation Indian Railways
OS Out-station Indian Railways