PNR Status

PNR Status is a widely used term by most of the people who check the railway reservation status. It just gives the information of the current reservation status of the passenger who booked the railway ticket. One checks the berth availability & the seat confirmation status by checking its status.

The term “PNR” is “Passenger Name Record”. The data or the information of the railway passengers is best stored in the database of the Centre for the Railway Information System (CRIS). It contains the information of the railway passengers who would be travelling in the railways for the next 60 days. The data includes the details of the passengers, the current PNR status of the passengers, berth availability & other railway enquiry details such as train schedule between two important stations, reservation fares, concessions, refunds etc. A single 10 digit number is allotted to the data of the particular passengers and is termed as “PNR Number” which is available on the railway ticket and it reveals the current booking status.

The PNR Number is available both in the printed version of the ticket and the online version of the ticket

How to check the PNR Status?

One can check the PNR Status online, via SMS or a smartphone app. If one wish to check the status online, visit the IRCTC website or check the or any other indian railways official website.

Checking the PNR Status through the SMS is one more easiest way of approach where one can send an SMS with a number to 139 or 5676747.

Another way is downloading the mobile app which is available in the google play store. Through this app, one can check the PNR Status through their smart mobiles & the tabs and can check the reservation status from anywhere.

Ways To Predict The Confirmed Ticket PNR:

Confirmed ticket prediction helps one to predict their confirmed ticket and the prediction is usually done through the machine learning techniques and the data analytics. This might vary due to several factors such as peak festival seasons, past booking cancellations, holidays availability etc.

During the peak festive seasons, it is observed that the bookings are huge and we observe that there is no seat availability and one opts for the confirmed ticket PNR prediction or its status enquiry if their ticket is booked. If the seats are filled up and not available, one needs to look out for the other alternatives.

During the olden days, one needed to physically visit the nearest railway station either to book a railway ticket or to check the status but now everything is available online. One can easily book 6 seats for a single transaction and can check the status enquiry which gives the information of the detailed reservation details. For another 6 tickets, one needs to go for another booking.

Features of Confirmed ticket PNR Status

It gives the information of the PNR current status prediction & the confirmation changes, seat availability, coach position, journey details and the passenger details and the detailed chart information of the passengers who booked the tickets.

Few abbreviations available online while checking the seat availability status

CAN: Cancelled Ticket

WL:Waiting List reveals that the passenger is lined up or in the queue if one cancels their ticket.

GNWL: General Waiting List

PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List

RLWL: Remote Location Waiting List

TQWL: Tatkal Waiting List

NOSB: No Seat Berth

If one deboards the train, the PNR number is meaningless though it is available in the database of the IRCTC for the next 9 months

Reservation Against Cancellation ( RAC)

The ticket is sold by the Indian railways in case someone cancels their travel and the RAC list would be confirmed at the time of the chart preparation. It is quite easier to grab a RAC ticket & one can surely get a confirmed seat.

The tickets are being sold by the indian railways in the following chronological order:

Available 02, Available 01, RAC 01, 02,03,04 and WL 01 and WL 02